Risk Warning

Any investment in stock or stock trading in stock market is always subject to market risk. As an investor or trader everyone knows that market is always subject to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Any incidence either it is national or international affect the stock market regularly. So, members/users are requested to refer our Risk Warning section.

Investment/trading in stock or commodities or future & options market is subject to market risk, please read all the services related documents, papers, agreement, terms & condition, disclaimer, FAQ, and all-important links in our website before availing our services and before trading on our recommendation/suggestion or advice.

Our services/products do not offer any type of fixed returns or guaranteed returns neither we have any type of sharing services. Please follow the only website decorated services and information/data.

Don’t permit children’s or different unauthorized members of the family or pals to get entry to your bank cards or your account at the payment web site to ensure that no any person will pay for a Membership without your personal/prior authorisation.

We do not speak or thinks in negative faith/confidence of the market but we take utmost care for our clients, therefore, we are sharing information strictly/clearly/transparently to our clients to avoid any miss-selling of our services.